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Senior Software Engineer (Data)

IronRod Health


Required Skills 

· BSc Computer Science, Mathematics, or an additional 3 years of production experience

· 5+ years of experience as a Data Engineer or in a similar role

· Expert knowledge in SQL databases, query optimization and indexing (PostgreSQL, Firestore)

· Strong experience in implementing a variety of datastores at scale (e.g. Key/Value, Graph, Document)

· Strong experience building and optimizing ‘big data' data pipelines, architectures and data sets

· Strong experience in the design, creation, and management of very large datasets

· Experience in data modeling, setting up data warehouses, orchestrating workflows, and building ETL pipelines (Hadoop, Airflow, Kafka, Cloud Composer, BigQuery, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse)

· Experience in building real-time dashboards (Tableau, Power BI, GCP Data Studio)

· Experience in security best practices (NIST, OWASP)

· Experience in Node.JS based servers such as Nest.JS and Express

· Experience with telemetry tools such as New Relic, DataDog, and Grafana

· Experience with cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud, Azure, Kubernetes, Terraform)

· Experience with containerization (Podman, Docker)

· Experience in Python , JavaScript, and Java 

· Experience in agile, backlog management, code reviews, pull-requests, paired programming 

· Experience in Git, Git Flow, trunk based development and other code tools and techniques

· Experience in understanding system limitations, scaling factors, boundary conditions, and the reasons for architectural decisions

· Working knowledge of modern web applications such as MERN, PWA’s, etc. 

· Strong analytic skills related to working with unstructured datasets

Desired Skills

· Certifications in a cloud provider (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) 

· Experience in Continuous integration tools such as CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Bitbucket pipelines 

· Experience in medical standards such as FHIR and HIPAA 

· Experience in several testing frameworks and tools such as Jest, and Cypress 

· Experience in using OpenAPI and Swagger

· Experience in serverless architecture and CRON jobs 

160,000 - 200,000

Job Location


Address 2:



ZIP Code:

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