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Cardiovascular Institute of The South Partners with IronRod Health

Cardiovascular Institute of The South Partners with IronRod Health to Provide New Technology and An End-To-End Support Platform to Help Improve Patient Outcomes and Save Lives

Phoenix, Arizona – September 13, 2023 – Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS), one of the largest independent cardiovascular practices in the country, chose IronRod Health to manage their ‘at home’ blood pressure monitoring program. In April 2023, CIS was named a Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Champion by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for achieving more than 80% control rates in adult hypertensive patients. Through their partnership with IronRod Health, CIS looks to achieve their next goal of 90% control rates in their hypertensive patients.

CIS has created an extensive program called Cardio@Home which allows patients to have a custom-tailored program focused on modifying lifestyle behaviors for improved cardiovascular health. This program is fully-managed by CIS, apart from remote patient monitoring (RPM) which they elected IronRod to use as a managed service partner.

CIS evaluated 10 vendors as potential partners for the remote patient monitoring program. After an evaluation period that lasted over a year, CIS decided that IronRod Health was the partner to help elevate their at-home blood pressure monitoring program. This was the result of IronRod’s end-to-end support platform, integrated software, and ability to customize a partnership that could scale as the program grows. Together, both CIS and IronRod share in the vision of using technology to reduce healthcare costs, improve time efficiencies, and most importantly - provide better patient outcomes.

IronRod’s RPM program will not only be fully integrated with Cardio@Home, but it will also be integrated throughout their regular clinic and virtual care center to ensure a complete continuum of care. ”IronRod’s platform and services deliver efficiencies and incremental revenue to CIS, which of course, is important," said Jude Hebert, Executive Vice President of Nursing Services at CIS. “However, what is critical is their ability to collect, analyze, and understand what RPM data tells you to make proactive decisions and improve patient health outcomes and save lives.”

”We are proud to partner with a leader and a pioneer like the Cardiovascular Institute of the South,” said Andrew Nash, CEO of IronRod. “For nearly 40 years, CIS has been advancing innovation and technology into medical practice. Through our state-of-the-art RPM monitoring, analysis, and processing, we look forward to partnering with CIS to help them meet their goals for managing their patients with hypertension and expand into their a-fib and heart failure management programs.”

Solutions that combine new technology with end-to-end support platforms, like the one offered by IronRod Health and utilized by CIS, save lives and improve the quality of life for millions of patients. Data collected remotely from patients is interpreted and transmitted to clinicians who proactively make care decisions. When managed and handled expertly, remote patient monitoring programs introduce efficiencies that save patients money and more importantly, improve outcomes.

About IronRod Health:

IronRod Health ( is the leader and premier provider of end-to-end remote patient monitoring solutions in the United States. IronRod Health provides equipment, personnel, and technology - including proprietary software – to support healthcare providers through remote physiological monitoring, implantable device monitoring, and wearable cardiac monitoring.

The solutions provided by IronRod Health offer better and more efficient care, which contributes to improved outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Company Contact:

Brad Timchuk, Chief Commercial Officer

Phone: 888-743-3866

About Cardiovascular Institute of the South:

Cardiovascular Institute of the South ( was founded in 1983 by Dr. Craig Walker, who first established the company as a one-physician practice in Houma, Louisiana. At that time, the city was experiencing one of the highest cardiovascular disease mortality rates in the nation. Driven by a desire to serve and heal people in his community, Dr. Walker envisioned CIS as a leader in the development of new techniques and technologies in the treatment of both coronary and peripheral artery diseases.

Cardiovascular Institute of the South is now one of the largest independent cardiovascular practices in the country, with over 60 physicians across 21 locations in Louisiana and Mississippi and 23 additional physicians under management in Chicago, IL.

Company Contact:

Jude Hebert , R.N., BSN, MBA/HCA

Executive Vice President of Nursing Services

Phone: 985-873-5035 Ext. 5035


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