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IronRod Health Chosen as Exclusive US Partner

Phoenix, Arizona – February 10, 2021 – IronRod Health, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company that offers complete solutions for remote healthcare, in-person monitoring, and device technician training, was chosen by Implicity of Europe to be their exclusive roll-out partner as they enter into the US market. Using the power and flexibility of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Implicity's all-in-one cloud-based solution offers remote monitoring, data aggregation, the capability to contribute to important and ongoing cardiac research, robust administrative functionality, and increased workflow efficiency while delivering better outcomes for patients with CIEDs (Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices).

In addition to the North American expansion partnership, IronRod Health and Implicity have been jointly nominated in the "Best Collaboration in the Medtech and Digital Health Sector" category for The Prix Galien Medstartup USA. Created by The Galien Foundation and Business France, the award recognizes and supports French startup companies with the most potential to successfully expand operations into the United States.

"Implicity is Europe's industry leader in remote monitoring," explained Andrew Nash, IronRod Health's CEO, "and we are excited for our ten thousand current remote monitoring patients to benefit from this AI-based technology and the advanced features it brings, such as cardiac events prediction and extrapolated data reports which allow for faster diagnosing, and therefore, necessary treatment. We are also very pleased with Implicity's administrative functions, and look forward to seeing positive results throughout our company."

About IronRod Health:

IronRod Health ( currently offers complete solutions for remote healthcare, in-person monitoring, and device technician training. Our remote monitoring service lines include Remote Physiologic Monitoring, Wearable Cardiac Monitoring (MCT, Wireless Event, and Holter) as well as Remote Monitoring of Implantable Devices. With a team of trained technicians, state-of-the-art software, and a leadership team with over 30 years of combined experience, IronRod Health is a complete healthcare solution for their clients.

Company Contact:

Danielle Smith, Director of Operations

Phone: 888-743-3866



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