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Read Label, Eat Crisps, Exercise for a Bit…Maybe?

The United Kingdom is contemplating an innovative yet surprisingly simple update to food and drink labels in an effort to fight obesity. PACE, short for Physical Activity Calorie Equivalent, would join the current nutrition facts, and provide a bit of information on what the person could “trade” in exchange for consuming a serving of that particular item. UK citizens may soon be able to find out how many minutes it would take on the treadmill to burn off their favorite sweet or bag of crisps, and they wouldn’t even need an app on their phone to look it up.

The exercise information would be in the form of a symbol, and the theory is PACE labels would allow shoppers to make more informed – and hopefully healthier – choices; and this would lead to less obesity in the UK. There are strong opinions on either side of the suggestion offering their thoughts on why the PACE idea is good and bad.


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